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 Post subject: #312 Bringing someone a gift in a basket (5/4/09)
PostPosted: Mon May 04, 2009 11:31 am 
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Hi, all. :) The new topic is: your character is bringing someone a gift in a basket. Good luck and have fun! I can't wait to read your posts!!

JacLyn :)


 Post subject: Gift In A Basket (5/4/09) - Jim Brown III
PostPosted: Tue May 05, 2009 12:15 pm 

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In a tattered faded blue dress, the small peasant girl worked her way through the throng at the castle gate. King Tedonius was holding public court and accepting gifts from his people. This was the time poor folk got to see their king and show support, thinly disguised attempts at favor that they were.

The king was not a kind king however and sometimes, if the supplicant complained too much or begged too hard or tried to earn favor with insulting bribes, they would not leave the castle, either ending up in the dungeon, for the wizards to experiment on, or leaving as part of a work detail.

A guard stopped the girl and looked in her basket to find what appeared to be simple bread.

Taking pity on the girl, the guard advised "The king will not take kindly to such a plain gift, girl. Perhaps you should save it for your family."

Smiling up at the towering man, the girl replied, "It is the best bread his majesty will ever eat."

The guard shrugged and then said, "Here, you look a fright girl. Set your basket down and I'll have a handmaiden make sure you are at least presentable."

"Sorry kind sir," she said. "I can't set it down. Any jarring and the bread will fall to crumbs."

The guard nodded, smiled, and waved her on, focusing on the next person in line.

She followed the line through the large doors with increasingly larger and heavily armored guards until she was in the throne room. After what seemed an eternity, she was in front of the king himself, regally sitting on his large, exquisitely ornate throne.

"Your majesty, may I present the best bread I or anyone else will ever bake. This gift comes from Fairweather Village. May your majesty enjoy its bounty as much as we enjoy his strong leadership."

She bowed, set the basket on the dais, and left the way she was motioned by a guard.

The king turned to an aid and laughed, his snobbish chortle heard across the large finely decorated room.

As the girl left the front door of the castle, she found the guard that had been nice to her and convinced him to come outside with her.

Standing in front of the castle, she turned back and smiled as an immense Fire Worm came up from the ground into the throne room, retrieving its small eggs from her basket as well as ending the king's reign in one massive bite.


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