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 Post subject: #9 Mermaids (11/18/99)
PostPosted: Wed Mar 04, 2009 1:49 pm 
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Hi, all. :) The new topic is: mermaids. Good luck and have fun! I can't wait to read your posts!!

JacLyn :)


 Post subject: Re: #9 Mermaids (11/18/99)
PostPosted: Thu Oct 14, 2010 2:18 pm 
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Annabel Nooking’s Adventures
By: Jasmine Halligan-Jones

One day Annabel came home from school. “Mommy, I’m home!” Annabel yelled.

“HELP!” cried a voice. Annabel ran to the kitchen and saw her mom covered in eggs. Those mean teens… she thought. Then when her mom was taking a shower she got snacks, books, maps, crayons, and paper then stuffed it all in a book bag. Next she wrote a letter and set off. Her mom came down stairs and she read the note.

Dear Mommy,

I’m going to explore new lands by the ocean on the path to our house. Please stays safe while I ‘m gone. I will be back tomorrow for lunch. Tell Mrs. Peony and my friends Marie, Bell, George, Fray, Elizabeth, and Tom. Take care of my hoarse Black Beauty.


“Four hours passed but… but… nothing was found. I am sad and lonely,” Annabel said, but all of a sudden a huge wave swept her into the ocean! She saw a shadow in the water and swam up. She saw nothing but water so she looked under the water and saw a girl with a fishtail! “(Blub, blub) HELP! I’M DROWNING!” Annabel said when seaweed grabbed her ankle. Annabel closed her eyes and then the fish girl untangled the seaweed and grabbed Annabel, then swam back to the shore. Annabel woke up in the sand. “Hello… (Cough, cough) Mermaid!?” Annabel said. Then she cried “Mommy? I am lonely, sad, and lost. ”

“Don’t be afraid my friend. I will bring you home!” said a voice. It was the Mermaid but now she had legs!

Next the girl grabbed Annabel and they walked for a while until they saw the path to Annabel’s house so they ran to her house and rang the doorbell. “ANNABEL! Oh, Annabel.” said her mom.

Then Annabel went to ride Black Beauty. After the ride Annabel asked the girl her name. “Aqua.” She said. Then they had dinner and Aqua got to stay over so they went to bed. Aqua… what a weird name. Annabel thought then went to bed.


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