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 Post subject: #306 Elf lore (6/27/06)
PostPosted: Wed Mar 04, 2009 8:30 pm 
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Hi, all. :) The new topic is: elf lore. Good luck and have fun! I can't wait to read your posts!!

JacLyn :)


 Post subject: Re: #306 Elf lore (6/27/06)
PostPosted: Tue May 05, 2009 7:49 pm 

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Corlen stood leaning wearily against an ancient oak that dominated the corpseyard. All around him lay the bodies of his fallen foes. None of them had been a match for him, even banding their might together they had not really stood a chance. They had all been young and inexperienced. And almost certainly they had not expected to find someone as deadly as Corlen in this quiet and forgotten place. Nonetheless, one look at his pallid features and dark eyes burning as with black flame and they had leapt to the attack. They had been brave, Corlen had to give them that.

He sighed. For all that they had posed little real threat to him, the adventurers had caused him to use up energy he could ill afford to spend. Still freshly out of his grave, Corlen had much to do and far to go before he would attain the power that his new dark master had promised him when it whispered into Corlen's mind as he lay in his coffin, struggling his way back to life. And the fight had been on him so swiftly that he had reacted instinctively and blasted his foes with potent spells that killed them swiftly. Had he had time to think it through he might have taken a different path with them.

Staring at the corpses, Corlen's brow furrowed in thought. Two of the men and one of the women who had attacked him wore livery that he did not recognise. A red staff on a blue background. And two of them were humans of a race he had not seen before, dark haired and swarthy.

"Truly," he hissed almost to himself, "I have been away long. Much has changed. It would seem my need for knowledge is as great as my need for energy"

Suddenly he looked up, staring at a nearby bush that was moving slightly, where there was no breeze.

Pointing his withered hand at the bush he gasped out a word in no language known to man and a bolt of darkness flew from his hand and the bush fell instantly to ash, revealing an elf woman, young looking as were most of her kind with an expression of horror on her face. She was kneeling on the ground and a bow and arrow hung slackly in her hands.

"An elf ... perfect. Your nosy long-lived kind always have any amount of useful lore in your heads."

Corlen's eyes flared black and for a moment a similar pattern of darkness blinked around the eyes of the elf and was gone. Suddenly, she seemed to relax.

"Come here little one" Corlen hissed.

The elf stood, and with slow unsteady steps made her way over to the slayer of her friends. She was silent, and although her limbs obeyed Corlen's commands her eyes darted about like a trapped animal, showing the fear that she felt inside.

Corlen reached out and touched the elf.

"You are perfect indeed. Useful Lore and lots of life energy. I am so lucky to have found you."

A cloak of dark magic reached out and enshrouded Corlen and the elf and moments later the screaming began.

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