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 Post subject: #325 Life in a lollipop (10/17/10)
PostPosted: Sun Oct 17, 2010 12:42 am 
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Hi, all. :) The new topic is: life in a lollipop. Good luck and have fun! I can't wait to read your posts!!

JacLyn :)


 Post subject: Re: #325 Life in a lollipop (10/17/10)
PostPosted: Thu Oct 21, 2010 11:42 pm 

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"Candy! Popcorn! Lollipops!!"

A moment after Frank gave his cry, a whiny adolescent voice mimiced his:
"Candy! Popcorn! Looooollipops!!"

A fresh round of snickers followed the mocking voice. Frank sighed and turned
to face his tormentors. "Don't you boys have something better to do than hang
around my booth? Go ride the ferris wheel! Make funny faces at yourselves in
the Hall of Mirrors."

That got another round of snickers. Frank's mimic grinned and shook his head.
"Nah, old man, we like watching you. And you should talk! Ain't you got
something better to do than sell your lousy lollipops in this cheap little carnival?
That's pathetic, Pops!" He pointed at Frank. "Hey, that's right! Pops sells

Frank sighed heavily, then shook his head. Another town, another jerk. He leaned
an elbow on the counter top and waved the boys closer. There were six of them,
probably thirteen or fourteen years old, maybe younger. Kids grew up so much
quicker these days. He waited until they got closer, then reached under the
counter and pulled up six all day suckers. "Here boys, on the house. I keep
these special for young fellas like you." He spread the huge lollipops out. "Go
on, eat them yourself or give them to somebody else. You boys have girlfriends?
Of course you do! Well, give them these and they'll really be sweet on you!"
He nodded encouragingly and one by one the teenagers picked up their choices.
Frank waited.

Sure enough, The Jerk unwrapped his sucker and took a long lick, then gave a loud
laugh. "Look at me, I'm doing it Gene Simmons' style!"

Frank gave a polite laugh. "You know, boys, a lollipop is like life. It's true. You can see
all of life in a lollipop!"

"Oh c'mon, Pops! It's just a freakin' lollipop!" The Jerk sneered before he took another

"These are special lollipops. Now, what I'm talking about is that life, like a lollipop, is
a sweet thing, but in the end, all you're left with is a lousy stick, right? But those
suckers, those are special. You know Madame Magda, the Gypsy Witch in that tent
over there? Well, she put a special spell on those suckers for me. " He waved over
at the woman, who obligingly gave him a wave and cackled as the boys turned to
look at her with wide-eyed stares. Frank waited until they turned back to look at him.
"Yep, a real special spell."

Suddenly The Jerk wasn't so cocky. "S-s-spell? What sort of spell?"

"Oh don't worry, they aren't poison, and you boys aren't going to spend the next
two days on the porcelain throne, if you know what I mean. Nope, nothing that
simple. Those suckers, boys, are your lives. You'll live as long as those suckers last."
He looked at The Jerk. "How many licks you take, boy? Two? That's two years, maybe
more, `cause you took big licks, Gene Simmons' style. I was you, sonny, I'd put the
wrapper back on and put that sucker someplace safe and cool, so it won't melt.
It'll last longer that way."

"Who do you think you're freakin' fooling, old man?" The Jerk shook the sucker at him.

Frank shrugged. "Suit yourself. Another thing, I had Magda cook up the spell just
for me to give to young pissants like you, punks who like to bully and rag on people.
So every time you do, that lollipop will shrink a little bit, and you lose some time
from your lives. Now maybe you can ignore me and pass it off as an old man
blowin' smoke out his butt, but if I were you, I'd be real careful from here on out.
Real careful, and polite. I seen Madame Magda do some eery stuff here in the

Right on cue, Magda gave another loud cackle. That was the last straw. The boys
frantically retrieved the cellophane wrappers they'd dropped on the ground,
rewrapped the suckers and backed slowly away from Frank until they
realized the gypsy woman was moving across towards them. Then they bolted
up the midway towards the carnival exit with The Jerk in the lead.

Magda gave her real laugh, soft and mocking. "Frank, you are such a little boy at
heart. You enjoy that too much."

"Maybe. But I'll bet you those kids' parents will be amazed at how well-behaved
their boys suddenly have become." He grinned. "Who knows? Maybe one or two
of them will like it so much, they'll change their ways. Yeah, I know. I'm a dreamer."
He gave her a quick kiss on the cheek. "Well, we have a few hours before we hit the
road. I'll see you in the mess tent."

He reached up to close the window on his booth. Tomorrow would be another day,
another town.

And probably another Jerk.
© 10/2010 Bill West

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