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 Post subject: Plushies RP (Open)
PostPosted: Thu Apr 12, 2012 5:00 pm 
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Hi all. :) I came up with this idea the other day and have been tossing it around in my mind. I think I've finally worked out enough details to start it up. Here is the setting:

It is Christmas night. The children have unwrapped all their presents, had a wonderful day with relatives and tons of food, and are now asleep. You are all stuffed animals or toys that the children have received. It's kind of like Toy Story and Raggedy Ann & Andy where the toys could walk and talk and so on. It's also like the Muppet movie The Christmas Toy, that is one of my favorites. :) If the children (or anyone else) see the toys, they pretend not to move. I have not decided on a storyline to follow yet, but I'm sure one will find it's way into the RP once we get started. :)

The Family:
Name:Elizabeth Joanne Montgomery
Age: 42
Job: Housewife
Appearance: Shoulder-length light brown hair, hazel-green eyes, not too tall, but not short, soft figure - a little on the thin side, but not toned
Personality: warm, loving, very social - likes to hold parties, reprimands the children, but talks to them understandingly as well
Name:Joseph Michael Montgomery
Age: 45
Job: Architect
Appearance: Dark brown hair, emerald green eyes, tall and thin, toned just enough to be strong, but not overbuilt, wears dark brown wire-rimmed glasses
Personality: quiet, caring, hard-worker, will give his children anything if he can, likes to have fun with his children
Eldest daughter:
Name:Emily Jeanette Montgomery
Age: 8
Appearance: Dark brown hair down to the middle of her back, usually in two braids, emerald green eyes, tall and thin like her father, also wears dark brown wire-rimmed glasses
Personality: quiet like her father, loves to learn and read a lot, friendly but shy
Youngest daughter:
Name:Bethany Rose Montgomery (aka Beth)
Age: 6
Appearance: Wavy, light brown hair to her mid-back, usually wears it down, hazel-green eyes, kind of short, but she hasn't hit her growth spurt yet, soft, but not pudgy
Personality: loud, loves to giggle and tell secrets, likes to dress up
Name:Jonathan Peter Montgomery (aka John)
Age: 4
Appearance: Dark brown hair, hazel-green eyes, not too tall, but not short, soft but looks like he will be more muscular when he is older, strong for his age but wouldn't hurt a fly
Personality: gets pushed around occasionally by his sisters, whines a bit but only when he's frustrated, loves vehicles and puppies, likes to tell jokes
Name: Josephina Katarina Montgomery (aka Josie)
Age: 10 human years
Appearance: Grey tabby, slender but gaining a little weight as she gets older, white paws
Personality: Very friendly and loving, watches over the children and sits with them if they are upset or sick, a friend of the toys
Name: Whiskers Benedict Montgomery (aka Whiskers)
Age: 6 human years
Appearance: Orange tabby, fat but muscular, tip of tail, belly, and feet are white
Personality: Gets into trouble a lot, very curious, playful, likes to play mischievously with the toys

Here is what I need to know about you:
Type of toy:
Personality (just something basic to give others an idea would be helpful):
Which child you belong to:

Here is my character:

Name: Thissa
Type of toy: Stuffed tiger
Appearance: Furry, orange with black stripes, white belly and feet
Personality: Friendly, can be shy, but loves to meet people, likes to day-dream, is adventurous, loves to learn new things
Which child you belong to: Emily

I think that's enough information. If you want to know anything else, feel free to ask. :)

Btw, here is the current toy count for each child so far:
Emily - 1 (stuffed tiger)
Beth - 0 (N/A)
John - 0 (N/A)

Note: Anyone can hear the toys speak, but only the toys can hear the cats speak.

Here is a general map of the house:
It is just the floorplan for now. I will add the furniture and other details later.


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